Available Brands

Brands on this list may have been recorded prior to the time you receive this list. Previously recorded brands will be indicated by an empty space. The brands on the list may not be available in the area in which you wish to run livestock, due to a similar brand(s) in the same area. Brands shown on this list are merely suggestions, and there are no guarantees. We suggest you list up to ten brands on the application that you would accept. Brands will be checked in the order they are listed on your application. The small letters in the left or right hand corners note the location on which the brand is not recorded (L=left,R=right;S=shoulder, R=ribs, H=hip). Please be sure to read the instructions on the reverse side of the application, in addition to these instructions. Livestock brands are processed daily, and are issued within a week to ten days if approved. All brands shown on this list are subject to final approval by the Nebraska Brand Committee.

Click here to download the brand application form

A A2.png A3.png A4.png A5.png A6.png A7.png A8.png A9.png
B B2.png B3.png B4.png B5.png B6.png B7.png B8.png B9.png
C C2.png C3.png C4.png C5.png C6.png C7.png C8.png C9.png
D D2.png D3.png D4.png D5.png D6.png D7.png D8.png D9.png
E E2.png E3.png E4.png E5.png E6.png E7.png E8.png E9.png
F F2.png F3.png F4.png F5.png F6.png F7.png F8.png F9.png
G G2.png G3.png G4.png G5.png G6.png G7.png G8.png G9.png
H H2.png H3.png H4.png H5.png H6.png H7.png H8.png H9.png
I I2.png I3.png I4.png I5.png I6.png I7.png I8.png I9.png
J J2.png J3.png J4.png J5.png J6.png J7.png J8.png J9.png
K K2.png K3.png K4.png K5.png K6.png K7.png K8.png K9.png
L L2.png L3.png L4.png L5.png L6.png L7.png L8.png L9.png
M M2.png M3.png M4.png M5.png M6.png M7.png M8.png M9.png
N N2.png N3.png N4.png N5.png N6.png N7.png N8.png N9.png
O O2.png O3.png O4.png O5.png O6.png O7.png O8.png O9.png
P P2.png P3.png P4.png P5.png P6.png P7.png P8.png P9.png